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Naturopathic coaching is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease or condition. It is not intended to substitute for the advice, treatment and/or diagnosis of a qualified licensed professional. Naturopathic Coaches may not make any medical diagnoses, claims and/or substitute for your personal physician’s care. As your Naturopathic Coach I do not provide a second opinion or in any way attempt to alter the treatment plans or therapeutic goals/recommendations of your personal physician. It is my role to partner with you to provide ongoing support and accountability as you create an action plan to meet and maintain your physical, mental and spiritual health goals.

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Dr. Sharrie

I graduated with a doctorate in Naturopathy (high honors/Deans List). I am a Neurotherapist in private practice for over 10 years and Naturopathic Coach in person or on line. I coach my clients to overcome a variety of health disorders and limited thinking, low self-esteem, invasive thoughts, self-sabotaging behaviors, physical complaints, lack of future goals and the inability to reach them. Health is more than just proper diet and exercise. Its your perspective on life! Contact me today for a free 30 minute consultation.

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Homeopathy vs. Allopathy

     There is a vast difference between Homeopathic remedies and Allopathic medicine (aka modern medicine). I felt a little explanation would help.
     Dr. Samuel Hahnemann was a German medical doctor that was not satisfied with the direction modern medicine was heading. Bloodletting, purging and the high doses of barbarous drugs appeared inhumane to Hahnemann. In 1780 he was translating A Treatise of Materia Medica and decided to try an idea he had. He administered to himself small doses of Cinchona (quinine comes from this). He recognized that when a healthy person ingested this bark that they had the same symptoms as what the actual illness was displaying. This lead him to create homeopathic remedies. He felt that in order to cure a person from a disease, that one must give a medicine that causes the symptoms of the disease in a healthy person. Hence the saying "Like Cures Like" and is now called "The Law of Similars".


Dr. Sharrie

Naturopathic Coach & Neurotherapist

Health is more than just proper diet & exercise. It's your perspective on life!

Sweet Potato Cakes

1 C Shredded Sweet Potatoes
½ C minced apples
1 egg
1 tsp cinnamon
1 teaspoon coconut oil
pinch of salt

Mix shredded sweet potatoes, minced apples, egg, cinnamon and pinch of salt. Drop by large spoonfuls onto a warmed pan with coconut oil. Cook over medium heat until browned then flip over and brown on the other side. Top with berries, apples or goat cheese and enjoy.

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